Board of Directors

Mr. E M Najeeb

em-najeebBusiness interest in Airtravel, Tourism & Leisure, Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality, Hotel Management Consultancy, Tourism Transport, Tourism Consultancy Services, Tourism Publication, Aviation Support Services, Advertising and Marketing, Event Management, Public Relations Services, Infrastructure, Luxury, Housing and Building, Information Technology, Logistics, Healthcare Management, Trading, Cargo Clearing, Forwarding and Logistics.

Mr.E M Najeeb is the Founder and Chairman of the highly successful ATE Group of Companies including The Great India Tour Company (P) Ltd., The Great India Aviation Services (P) Ltd., Chrysalis Communications (P) Ltd.,  The Great India Car and Coach Rentals Private Limited, Green Gateway Leisure Ltd, Ela Spa and Healthcare (P) Ltd. He is the Executive Director of KIMS Health care Management Limited and Director of KIMS Cancer Care and Research Center Pvt Ltd.

Expertise and specialization in Management, Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, involvement in Academics and youth empowerment, interest in social activities, pioneer in Medical Value Travel, Tourism expert in various Government Committees, Committed environment and ecology activist, initiator for Public-Private partnership in the tourism industry in Kerala. One of the frontline leaders sculpturing the innovative Kerala Travel Mart Society, the mega promotional tool of the tourism industry in Kerala, Orator, writer, philanthropist and developmental activist.

Dr. M I Sahadulla

mi-sahadullaA senior consultant in Internal Medicine, Dr.M.I Sahadulla qualified from Medical College Trivandrum, MBBS, MD and subsequently became Fellow of RCP Ireland and London. He has been working with Saudi Aramco (Arabian American Oil company) Hospitals in Saudi Arabia since 1975 until 2001 when he joined as Chairman and Managing Director of KIMS Health Care Management Limited. He was a well known teacher in Medical College Calicut and as a clinician he was subsequently involved in Healthcare Quality and Infection control and Acreditation in Aramco. Then he acquired an MBA from university of Leeds, UK and became a Healthcare Manager in the Administrative services of Saudi Aramco. His 41 years of experiences as Teacher, Clinician and healthcare Manager makes him an eminent leader in healthcare in India.

He is a winner of many awards in the field of entrepreneurship in India. He is also the Chairman of KIMS Group of Healthcare Institutions which spreads in Kerala and in five GCC Countries. He is also the Director of The Great India Tour Company Private Limited, Green Gateway Leisure Limited, The Great India Holidays Private Limited and also the Chairman of Reflections Advertising and Marketing Private Limited.

Mr. P M Ross Masood

ross-masoodMr. P M Ross Masood has done his Masters in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. He has wide International exposure and contacts. He has been handling ATE Group’s marketing operations. He has made immense contribution for the growth and expansion of Airtravel Enterprises Group. He has also attended several workshops organized by reputed Airline Companies.

He has undergone several special training programmes of Air India and Lufthansa. He is also a member of various associations.

Mr. E Iqbal

e-iqbalMr. E Iqbal is Director of Airtravel Enterprises Ltd, and has been working in the travel Industry for over two decades. Worked at the International Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is the Director of Airtravel Enterprises India Ltd, KIMS Health care Management Limited, The Great India Tour Company, Reflections Advertising and marketing Private Limited, etc.

Mr. Rajan Thomas Varghese

rajan-thomas-vargheseRajan Thomas Verghese, qualified from IITTM in Tourism Management, and ‘Bhavans’ in Mass Communication, Journalism and Public Relations. He is qualified in Management from IGNOU. Rajan Thomas Varghese is a Tourism Management and Marketing Management expert, with over 35 years of professional experience, 15 years in a leading public sector Tourism organization and 20 years at the top management of a leading Tourism and Travel organization, the ATE Group. At present, he is the Corporate Director of the Group. He has authored various articles, presentations and papers on tourism. He has widely travelled and involved in Tourism academic activities.

Mr. P C Oommen

pc-oommenA graduate in Economics and Political Science and also a Diploma holder in Journalism, Advertising & PR along with tourism, Mr. Priyan C. Oommen now heads Reflections Advertising and Marketing Pvt.Ltd. He has worked with the national carrier (Indian Airlines) in their sales and traffic department as supervisor and coordinator for a period of 10 years. He also worked with Air France in their sales and traffic Department as Airport Officer at Doha, Qatar for a period of 2 years.

He established the first full-fledged advertising agency in Kerala (Reflections Advertising & Marketing (P) Ltd) and continues to lead the organization in the capacity of Executive director till this date.

He also authored a) Tourism Discovery (1990) b) Tourism Directory of India (1989) c) Tourism Directory of Kerala (1995), also a short story collection under the title Hindutva.

He also brought out the first thematic diary on Kerala in 2003. He has undergone numerous management level training programs and workshops. He is also the office bearer and member of professional trade associations and bodies.

Mr. Zaheer E N

en-zaheerMr. Zaheer is a graduate in technology specialising in Information Technology with a Masters in Business Administration with dual specialisation in Marketing and Operations from Symbiosis Institute of Management studies.

Mr. Zaheer’s expertise lies in Technology, Hospitality & Marketing. Mr.Zaheer has also conducted various workshops on travel, management and self help. He has traveled widely and attended various trade fares and business summits.

He is at present, the Director of Airtravel Enterprises India Limited, The Great India Tour Company Private Limited, Tanshikii Technologies Private Limited, Chrysalis Communications Private Limited, The Great India Aviation Services Private Limited, Ela Spa and Healthcare Private Limited, Oak India Healthcare Limited and the Whole-time Director of Green Gateway Leisure Limited.

ATE Group of Companies, First Floor, New Corporation Bldg, Palayam, Trivandrum – 695033, Kerala, India.Phone : 0471 – 2811300