The Vision

Explore the world

Begun 35 years back with the aim of becoming the front-runner in service sector; ATE has a distinct vision and a set of ideologies which sets it in a class of its own. With services spread across various domains like Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Media, Support and health care , ATE caters to diverse requirements of a huge client base spread across the globe. Diverse sectors and a huge and diverse client community have simultaneously helped in earning a huge list of accolades and awards which are testimonials to the tremendous achievements and performance of ATE.

Questions have always sprung up related to the diversity of service sectors and the response has always been quick.ATE believes in constant growth and adaptability, Both of which have contributed to the diversity. ATE identifies the distinct nature of each service domain and has adopted methodologies that suit the sector.

To open up undiscovered frontiers filled with immense potentials, utilizing the available resources to meet the needs and be ahead of our times- This is essentially our goal. Our legacy provides us with the momentum to act in the proper manner.

“Success is never a choice…It’s an everlasting commitment”

Our Brand

Evolution is organic, sequential and seemingly irreversible, precisely how the ATE Group has evolved. Begun in 1976 as an entrepreneur driven company offering air ticket services has evolved to TRANSFORM & DOMINATE the ‘total services sector’ in Kerala. Expanding further to have a strong ‘Middle East’ presence. The core is TOURISM flanked on either side by two wings


To create a new paradigm in every business that the Group touches starting from the Services and Travel sectors, it need to stretch the boundaries and unlock the potential and create the future of the ATE Group. The new identity system will represent THE SOUL of the Group bring together all the CURRENT AND FUTURE ACTIVITIES OF THE GROUP open up horizons to new OPPORTUNITIES and DISCOVERIES. The new identity system is youthful, energetic and vibrant retain its strong lineage and source credibility and yet simple, full of discoveries and delightful. It will invite those within the Group (internally) and also those coming in contact with the Group (externally) to seek new experiences and EXPLORE THE WORLD. The Group continues to be ATE. However, ‘Explore the World’ becomes the positioning idea. The new brand imbibes the essence of all the sectors and their activties.

To span & include all the group’s current and future activities. Retain the ‘soul’ of the enterprise built on SERVICE DELIVERY & SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Unlock value, inspire investment in the group’s activities.

Business Sector

ATE has services and activities spread along the following domains:

  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure
  • Infrastructure
  • Media
  • Support
  • Health care

Each Domain has a distinct nature and services are varied. However, Some segments are found to overlap and be interlinked in services and activities. ATE has undertaken market studies and maintained a watch on the segments from the business and organisational perspectives. Steps have been taken from time to time to ensure the smooth running and effective rendering of services.

Vast and extensive are our service sectors. Even wider is our range of activities. Dedicated and effecient employees and a stable organisational structure have gone hand in hand in ensuring effective working of ATE and its subsidiaries. ATE has been able to amass the goodwill of the masses by proper organisational functioning and implementation of an effective business methodology.


1976 – ATE Pvt. Ltd founded. with the intention of being the leader in service sector

1984 – Reflections Advertising and Marketing Private Limited, an advertisement company was formed to provide advertising with a prudent mix of creativity and market intelligence.

1991 – Chrysalis Communications Private Limited was founded with intention of providing integrated communication – marketing services.

1992 – Great India Tour Company Pvt. Ltd. was founded with focus on the leisure wing of the corporate

1994 – The Great India Holidays Private Limited was founded with the aim of promoting tourism all over india

1998 – The Great India Car and Coach Rentals Private Limited, was founded, and provides car and coach rental services

The Great India Aviation Services(GIAS) Private Limited was founded. GIAS provides a variety of airline services.

1999 – Great India Business Private Limited was founded

2004 – Green Gateway Leisure Limited was founded

2005 – ATE Logistics(ATEL) Private Limited was founded

2008 – Tanshikii Technologies Private Limited was founded and functions as technology solution provider for various sectors.

2009 – Ela Spa and Healthcare Private Limited was founded and is a world-class spa set in a historically relevant location.

Vision & Mission

“To be leader in the service industry by continuous value addition, consistency and dedicated customer service with emphasis on total quality.”

ATE has put its focus completely on the service sector and has with the same intention made entrepreneurial expeditions to various domains like Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, Media, Infrastructure, support and health care. Being one of the very few corporates with such wide and diverse areas of service and functioning, ATE intends to be the leader in each and every segment. The unique nature of ATE and its subsidiaries is strengthened by continous value addition, consistency and dedicated customer service. It is essential that ATE and its segments grow and adapt to changes within and outside the organisation. Constant watch over the outside business environment is practised in a bid to deliver as per the needs of the customer and the existing criteria and practices. All along the emphasis is strictly on total quality. We believe that without quality no other aspect of our services would acquire its totality.

Each of the 12 companies is a leader in its area carrying forward the promise and commitment of the group. Each company is positioned to provide services and experiences going beyond expectations.

ATE Group of Companies, First Floor, New Corporation Bldg, Palayam, Trivandrum – 695033, Kerala, India.Phone : 0471 – 2811300